Frequently Asked Questions

At Prairie Grave Care we understand this is a process most people only go through once or twice in their lives. It is helpful to know where the memorial will be placed (which cemetery), and from there we can help you design an appropriate monument. No question is silly and you will be treated with the utmost respect by our team.

Under Canadian law, families are free to purchase a memorial from any supplier they choose. You can be assisted by the funeral home or you can purchase from a monument company directly.

Whenever you’re ready! Some families choose to purchase a memorial at the same time as they’re making funeral arrangements. Some choose to wait. Others purchase a memorial in advance. There is no need to wait a prescribed length of time to install a memorial in the cemetery, so the best time is when you’re emotionally and financially ready.

We encourage you to contact us and we will work with you and your budget to design the perfect memorial. Costs vary greatly depending on material, design, size and other factors. No matter the size or cost, you will be treated respectfully by the team at Prairie Grave Care.

Of course! Every life should be remembered, no matter the final resting place. At Prairie Grave Care we can design a plaque, stone or something larger to commemorate your loved one. Please contact us today to discuss options.

Yes. Prairie Grave Care can add information like dates to existing monuments on-site, respecting the loved ones resting place. We will match styling and font no matter the original manufacturer.

Cost depends on multiple factors as no two jobs are alike.  If you have a picture of the monument that needs repair or cleaning, text or email us and we can go from there.

YES we travel.  We grew up in small town Saskatchewan and traveling is a part of life.  Prairie Grave Care is built on servicing rural and remote customers and proud of it!


We’ve gathered a list of commonly used epitaphs for your convenience. You can view or download the epitaphs by clicking the button below!