Monuments and Markers are available in varying sizes, shapes and colours. Text and artwork are personalized to create an everlasting legacy unique to your loved one. Browse our catalogue below for options and please keep in mind we are able to build anything you dream so don’t be afraid to share ideas or samples you have created or found on the internet.

Upright Monuments

Pillow Monuments

Flat Markers



Custom Designs

Monument Accessories

We can also provide you with monument accessories, such as medallions, porcelain, flower vases, bronze crosses, etc. We can help make your loved ones’ monument as beautiful as possible.

Flat Markers

Flat marker – did your loved one have a favourite spot in the garden? Or the garage? Sitting in the rocker next to the window? We can create a custom marker for your loved one that is easily moved to their favourite spot so that every time you walk past, you’ll see their smile.


Monument Installation

We will place your monument with the same care with which it was created. Our master technicians are trained to install any monument, anywhere in Western Canada.  

Once installation is complete, our lifetime guarantee ensure your loved ones monument will never crack or chip from exposure to the elements and that lettering and design will remain legible for all-time.  No expiration date. No deductible. 

Further comfort is provided when you purchase our Perpetual Care package that will ensure your stone looks as good on day 10,950 as it did on day 1 of installation.  Contact us directly for more details.  

Timely Service

At Prairie Grave Care we strive to complete all monuments in a time sensitive manner. We understand your time is valuable and will work with you to ensure delivery of completed products and installation in a mutually agreeable amount of time. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 


Dirt, stains, debris and organic growth (lichen, mold) can all be removed while leaving the stone looking new. Our products will not damage the stone or plant life near it.  Our mobile unit is fully equipped to restore your monument and leave it looking new again. The finish will not be damaged with our process and we will treat the monument with the highest level of care and respect. 

Contact us for more information about monument cleaning. 


Some monuments may fade or become hard to read over time. We use a combination of high quality equipment and caring attention to detail to restore original beauty and legibility to monuments, on-site. 

We also know prairie grounds are prone to shifting.  If your loved ones head stone is no longer level, we can help level it out. 

Chipped or cracked?  Even if your monument was not supplied by us, our master technicians are ready to assist.  

Contact us more information or an estimate for restoration services. 

Cemetery Maintenance

At Prairie Grave Care, we are able to provide a variety of customized services to rural cemeteries based on their need; such as general maintenance of grounds, levelling services and more. We know rural cemetery associations are experiencing a decline in volunteer support to maintain their cemetery and we are ready to help. If you have a cemetery that needs care, or stone monuments that need levelling due to shifting or settling ground, we can help.

Contact us to discuss your on-site Cemetery Maintenance needs. We can help!

On-Site Engraving

Prairie Grave Care can do engraving on-site, allowing for the addition of inscriptions without disturbing your loved ones’ resting place. We can match existing styles of lettering no matter the original supplier. We will care for your stone with the same pride as if you were purchasing a new monument. 

Contact us for more information about on-site engraving.