Caring for your loved ones' final resting place.

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It was an honour to be at Saint Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Cemetery at the resting place of Gordon Hleck. I’ve known his family my entire life and when presented with the opportunity to restore his picture, honour barely scratches the surface of how I felt. I hope Tanya, Myron and Lorraine are filled with joy as they reconnect with their father and husband. 

Hleck Before
Hleck After

You may be here because you recently lost a loved one.  If so, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to you and your family from our family at Prairie Grave Care.  

Caring for your loved ones’ final resting place is our business.  If you are looking to restore family grave stones in need of TLC, we are here to bring them back to life.  We started our business in rural cemeteries and farmers’ fields and are not afraid of travel and hard work. If a loved one recently passed and you are in need of a monument for their final resting spot, we would love to learn the story of your loved one and assist you in designing a monument that reflects their story.  

Our master restoration and monument technicians are ready to meet your needs.  We operate a little differently than most monument companies; we will meet you where you are most comfortable.  Just let us know a time and place and we will be there.  

We are so confident in our products we offer a lifetime guarantee on our monuments when installed by our master technicians.  In addition, we offer a perpetual care service on all our certified Prairie Grave Care monuments to ensure your loved ones monument looks as good on day 10,950 as it did on day 1 

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